Sunday Schedule

Time: 1:30pm

William K-Tell Orchestra

The William K Tell Orchestra is the brainchild of members of the Elton Rohn Band …who play your coolest guilty pleasure songs of the 1970s…from Brandy to Mandy and back. Ed Ham (Drums and vocals), Lawrie Ingles (Keyboards, Bass, Guitar and Vocals), Matthew Marren (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals), Sam Boutzouvis (Guitar and Vocals)

Time: 2:45pm

Voodoo Pawn Shop

Established in 2015, this Uxbridge based 4-piece mature troupe delivers a true blues and rock experience with their unique selection of material. Toes will be ‘tappin’. Paul Murray (Drums & Backing Vocals) – As the founding member of VOODOO Pawn Shop, Paul holds down the bottom on drums while delivering beats and rhythms with back up vocals. Rafael Minassian (Bass & Backing Vocals) – Originally from Mexico City, Rafael is a multi-instrumentalist. He plays a variety of styles besides blues, including pop and rock in Spanish and English, cumbia and norteñas. Ted Wright (Lead Vocals) – Slide Guitar & Harmonica – Along with his rich blues voice, and adept slide guitar playing, Ted also sounds off blues harmonica rounding out the tone for VOODOO Pawn Shop. Wolf Endlicher (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals) – After playing in various blues/rock and country bands since the 80’s, Wolf has settled in with his blues guitar stylings and brings a new energy to VOODOO Pawn Shop.

Time: 4:00pm

Cold Shot

Back by popular demand from the 2023 Blues Festival, Cold shot is a formidable power trio bringing you the music of the amazing Stevie Ray Vaughan. Fronted by James Mann on guitar and vocals, Tim Haynes on bass, and Jonathan Dobson locking it down on drums. Cold Shot authentically reproduces that Stevie Ray Vaughan magic and transports you back in time.

Time: 5:15pm

Andy Earle and the Bandits

Quote: “I’ve always thought of Andy Earle, long a fixture in Durham clubs, as a bluesman, with his spare, clean guitar work perfectly complimented by an unusually expressive voice, capable of everything from a mesmerizing whisper to a rafter-shaking roar. Whether detailing life’s joys or its sorrows, Andy is an utterly engrossing performer. In short, whatever the configuration and regardless of musical genre, Andy Earle is one of Durham’s treasures. Catch him whenever you can! – by John Taylor Live Onstage

Time: 6:30pm

Mike McKenna’s Tone Rockets

Guitarist Mike McKenna has been wowing crowds since 1964 with such seminal bands as Luke & The Apostles, McKenna Mendelson Mainline, Ugly Ducklings, and Downchild. Mike was inducted into the Canada South Blues Society Hall of Fame in 2013 and nominated for the “Blues with a Feeling” Maple Blues Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023. Joined by singer/bassist/harmonica player Jay Moonah and drummer Rob Kirkpatrick, Mike McKenna’s Tone Rockets present classic rock and blues along with new original songs.