Saturday Schedule

Time: 1:30pm

Blues Junkies

Blues Junkies are a high-energy three-piece Blues-Rock unit from Durham, Ontario, and have been performing in bars, clubs and festivals for over five years. Their material includes Eric Clapton, Collin James, Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers, and R&B. Mike Lyons is the guitarist and band leader, with Ron Hamilton on drums, and David Magid on bass.

Time: 2:45pm

Southern Gentlemen

The Southern Gentlemen are a four-piece band that specializes in performing and paying tribute to southern rock, classic rock/Blues, and country music. The band consists of Roman Dasek (Vocals) Toni Gavrilovic (Guitar), Steve Katchorick (bass/vocals) and Sean McFarling (drums). They also incorporate the music of modern artists who embrace the time-honored tradition of down-home boogie and blues. Our set list includes Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Stapleton and many more. Whether we are bringing you the ‘Backyard BBQ Party’ or the ‘Front Porch Good Time’ get together, the Southern Gentlemen are all about celebrating music and community.

Time: 4:00pm

Emerson Ireland Band

The Emerson Ireland Band plays music reflective of Canadian and American country, rock and blues. Expect fiery guitar solos, dance-able grooves and good time music. The band is known for their use of prominent harmonies and improvised jams – with ample amounts of expression and feeling.

Emerson grew up playing music with family and friends from a young age – and comes from a musician-filled family. The band is backed up by his wife Cheryl Ireland on drums/vocals and close friend Paul Novak on bass/vocals.

Time: 5:15pm

The Nemoniks

The Nemoniks are from the Durham Region area and have been performing for nine years in clubs, festivals and fundraisers throughout the community. The Nemoniks are Steve Longauer on vocals and percussion, Chris Novak on drums; Brad Bryant on keyboards, Paul Lafontaine on bass; and John Novak on lead guitar.

Time: 6:30pm

Midnight Council

Midnight Council is a Durham Region based 5-piece band, playing genres of Classic Rock, Blues, Classic R&B and Motown. This is a group of talented, seasoned musicians, fronted by a female powerhouse vocalist, that enjoy delivering high energy, danceable music, focusing on intricate vocal harmonies & recognizable music.